Fish has a wide variety if its origin is fishing, but it can also be produced in a plant. It is normally a product with a high moisture content, but its fat content varies greatly among species. In general, it is a soft raw material and we only need an initial crusher in case of large species. Kontinuer has developed two systems. The Low Temperature System consists of protein coagulation, which separates the solid from the liquid. Whereas in the Batch System, cooking is performed by discontinuous loads.

Low Temperature System

In this process, there is a prior coagulation of proteins, where the solid is separated from the liquid (fat and stickwater). Later, vacuum evaporators and disc dryers are used to remove moisture. It is the most used system. The final quality of the product is improved and the amount of steam required for the process is significantly reduced.

Batch System

This cooking system is done by discontinuous loads in a Batch Digester, with temperatures ranging from 115°C to 135°C. It is recommended for small productions. As fish is a soft product with little structure and low-fat content, the material cannot be subjected to a pressing process.

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