Continuous Presses

The Kontinuer Continuous Presses combine robustness with technology to compress materials of animal origin after their cooking. They feature different capacities and configurations, and are suitable for different kinds of raw materials. Through a high-performance mechanical separation process, results with a high degree of uniformity and low-fat content in the pressed material are achieved. Kontinuer Presses feature automated control, allowing easy operation, clean process, overload protection, and low power consumption.

Kontinuer Advantages

  • High fat extraction capacity and uniformity of the cake produced;
  • Automatic control for opening and closing the exit throttle;
  • Overload safety systems;
  • It can be used with cooked raw materials of bovine, swine, or poultry origin;
  • Comply with the requirements of the NR-12 standard.

Equipment flow

Cooked raw material, usually digester or dryer output.
Continuous Presses
Pressed material with low levels of fat.

Technical specifications

Continuous Presses - Especificações Técnicas
PCH/PCS-360 1,0-1,2 45-55 3200 1500 1700
PCH/PCS-365 1,2-1,5 45-55 3400 1650 2000
PCH/PCS-370 1,6-1,8 75 4000 1700 2300
PCH/PCS-470 2,0-2,5 75-90 4500 1700 2300
PCH/PCS-480 3,5-4,5 90-150 5000 2000 2500
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