Cutting-edge engineering for your process

Kontinuer’s Engineering Department is the supporting pillar of the company. It is this department that develops products and solutions for your project. Our professionals have over 15 years of experience in the rendering sector, developing, executing, and monitoring the most modern technologies, solutions, and equipment used around the world. We have the support of a network of consultants and experts in Europe, Asia, and the United States, in addition to a working partnership and collaboration with the Danish Oestergaard. Kontinuer offers intelligent management systems for business control and it seeks effective and viable solutions for environmental problems by means of plans and computer maintenance programs. All this ensures greater added value and enables quality control for finished products. We also develop enzymatic process lines.

Engineering Projects

At Kontinuer, engineering projects are divided by specialty: layout and implementation, R&D, machine design, installation, and electrical projects. Each sector has an expert in their area and counts with the most modern tools for project optimization. Our mechanical projects are carried out using 3D software, combining accumulated experience with solutions of the highest technological level. We also have a Project Management Department, where each project is treated in a special way to better fulfill the needs and expectations of the customer.

Custom Solutions

Kontinuer believes that each customer is unique. Therefore, we develop custom designs according to their needs, with the most complete range of equipment for different agribusiness segments. The priorities are economy and energy recovery, with high-efficiency plants and automated processes, which ensure improved control and a high level of quality and standardization of the final product. We have the best solutions in the environmental area, with clean plants and controlled volume of liquid and gaseous waste. In constant partnership with experienced operators, Kontinuer works to continuously improve process plants.

Process Consultancy

Kontinuer’s work covers all stages: equipment manufacturing, plant installation according to the customer’s needs, and monitoring. We work to listen, understand, and comprehend the needs of our customers and the markets in which they operate. Our team assesses potential critical points in the process to pinpoint the best solutions, based on the most advanced technologies. We also constantly seek to adapt to the rendering sector those successfully applied solutions in other areas. The customers have always been our main source of knowledge and we strive to increasingly understand their needs.

Automation and Control

To master processes, it is necessary to develop proprietary software, using the most modern programming languages and to provide control and distribution panels with the latest technologies applied to our industry. Thus, it is possible to optimize the process, with lower energy needs and guarantee the quality of the final product. In partnership with CALC Automação e Processos Industriais, Kontinuer is developing a Financial Software to offer our clients a more complete view of the entire operation. With real-time data collection, the tool enables improved control of business profitability and efficiency. We work with the best platforms available in the market, based on the needs of our customers.

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