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Kontinuer counts on a team with over 15 years of experience in the area of Rendering, developing processes and systems for processing animal co-product, as are known poultry, swine, bovine, and fish derivatives. Our commitment is towards delivering solutions, exchanging knowledge, and constant technological development, alongside our customers.

Kontinuer’s work is guided by market needs, always seeking to increase the final product’s profitability and quality. We offer complete equipment lines, plant installation projects, technical assistance, and a comprehensive parts inventory, so your production never has to stop.

How we do it

The great differential we seek is to grow together with our customers. That’s why we use state-of-the-art technology to develop solutions suitable for their needs. With the right recipe and constant monitoring, it is possible to reuse animal origin proteins and fats in the best possible way. The result is a high-quality final product and high added value. Kontinuer’s work covers the entire process: equipment manufacturing, plant installation, after-sales, and technical assistance. Our objective is to exceed market expectations, always aiming at the highest quality, efficiency, and safety.

What we do

We offer our customers complete animal co-product processing lines, from receiving the raw material to shipping the final product. We have team members with extensive experience and technological know-how, as well as strategic partnerships, to offer any solution in the areas of System and Process Engineering, machinery and equipment manufacturing, plant installation, supply of spare parts for after-sales, and provision of specialized technical services. In this process, each customer is different and deserves special attention.

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Two decades of improvement
Two decades of improvement

Kontinuer’s history began in 1999 with the first professionals who today form our team, conducting prospecting in the Brazilian rendering market. The goal was to know and understand the needs of customers throughout South America. The solutions brought from Europe were well received by the market and soon the first continuous plant was installed in Brazil. Over a decade and a half, a team of professionals committed to efficiency and quality in machine manufacturing was taking shape. During this period, this team was responsible for manufacturing, delivering and assembling more than 150 Rendering plants and approximately 800 equipment units throughout Latin America, with the best technology available. Continuous processes, plants for fish processing and low temperature processing lines were some of the innovations.


The start of commercial activities
The start of commercial activities

With this vision of innovation and constant interaction with customers, Kontinuer began its commercial activities in 2017, bringing in its DNA the genes of quality, efficiency, and technology. The team is formed by professionals with extensive experience in the technical, commercial, and production area. We are located in the Industrial City of Curitiba and our facilities’ area is 8,000 m², wherein 4,000 m² for manufacturing and over 600 m² for offices. We have a complete and adjusted structure to service the entire Rendering market. We currently work with 100 direct employees and more than 150 indirect ones. The foundation of Kontinuer was guided by the objective that guided previous works: achieve advances to always deliver the best solution to customers.


Equipment production and After-Sales
Equipment production and After-Sales

In 2018, Kontinuer began to produce its own equipment, designed and improved by the company's Technical Department, always with the collaboration of strategic partners. Thus, the production of Continuous Digesters, Presses, Crushers, Mills, Aerocondensers, Electrical Control Boards, and others began. We also developed a Technical Service, which offers constant monitoring and maintenance, so as not to allow plant downtime. Always in contact with our customers and realizing their needs, we set up a stock for constant supply of parts. Over time, we have acquired know-how to reform presses, digesters, and aerocondensers from other suppliers, some working for more than 15 years.


The first complete plants
The first complete plants

2019 was special for Kontinuer, with the design and assembly of the first process plant in Brazil. We also installed the most modern complete line for the treatment of poultry co-products in Colombia and an edible fish oil plant in Peru. In Chile, Kontinuer installed a full plant, which was later expanded. This year, we provided services for more than 70% of the market of our former partners and customers for the supply of parts and the provision of after-sales and automation services.


Market consolidation
Market consolidation

In 2020, Kontinuer consolidated itself in the Rendering market in Latin America as a company with innovative solutions and with the best after-sales service. We are providing a continuous, large capacity plant for one of Mercosur's largest harvesters, and we have designed a plant for one of the largest slaughterhouses in Brazil. We are also working on the development of protein hydrolysis processes through enzymatic means, from fish and poultry entrails co-products. One of our objectives is to further consolidate the partnership with the Danish Oestergaard, for the transfer of technology and equipment supply.

Our partners

The Danish Oestergaard is one of the main options in the global process and solution supply market in the area of Rendering. Created in 2017 by the founder of one of Europe’s largest companies in the animal protein recycling market, Oestergaard is made up of a team with more than 25 years of industry experience and it has branches in the United States and Asia. Kontinuer and Oestergaard have an agreement covering trade partnership, machinery supply, and technology exchange. We seek a work of mutual collaboration, resulting in more quality in the services provided to our customers.
CALC Automação de Processos Industriais is a Brazilian technology and software development company. Its team specializes in control and automation processes of Rendering and animal protein recycling plants. The company was founded in 2017 and has a strong track record of collaborating with the Kontinuer team. It provides customer service for Kontinuer in the automation and control area and they constantly work on the development of software and dashboards for our process plants.

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Kontinuer constantly bets on innovation and we are always looking for new talents. We seek collaborators who desire to grow together with the company and our customers in the Rendering area.


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