Pre-strainer improves processes in RJ fish harvest

April, 2020

One of the largest fish harvesters in Rio de Janeiro was facing difficulties to extract water and fat, depending on the species. The product was ground and entered into a pre-cooker, subsequently going through a percolating screw which was able to separate some of the liquid before the product reached the press. This process proved to be insufficient as a liquid extractor before the press, which reduced production capacity and resulted in a cake with inadequate levels of moisture and fat.

Kontinuer studied the process as a whole to first understand where the production bottleneck was and the reasons behind the deficiency in separating the fat. As a solution, our team replaced the percolating screw with a Rotary Pre-Strainer of its own brand and manufacture.

Using the Kontinuer Pre-Strainer before the fish Dual Shaft Press, the plant improved its production capacity in relation to any type of raw material. This was the result of correct fluid pressing, thanks to the Pre-Strainer and the subsequent stickwater extraction to be concentrated in the evaporator. This result prompted the customer to purchase the expansion of the current evaporator, to further increase the production line.

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