We guarantee the continuity of your operation

Kontinuer recognizes that animal co-product processing plants cannot stop. To service the slaughter and harvest industry, our customer needs to treat organic material efficiently, quickly, and safely. The raw material is perishable and the entire product has to be processed quickly to prevent its final quality from being compromised. For Kontinuer, the work does not end with the sale of a product or the installation of a plant. Our commitment is to offer the customer a permanent after-sales service, ensuring the efficiency expected at the beginning of the operation. With constant monitoring, we are able to anticipate possible setbacks, preventing that an equipment or plant stops operating for any reason, either mechanical, electrical, or due to automation.

After-sales and parts

We have 1.5 thousand m² of stock with parts that undergo greater wear and tear on our equipment and other products. With this, we ensure fast delivery as to minimize the impact that our customer’s production may suffer. Kontinuer further maintains a permanent inventory of machinery parts and electrical, mechanical, and electronic spare parts with higher turnover, which can be replaced quickly. We have partnerships with first-class strategic suppliers, both domestic and international. With this, we guarantee service quality and agility.

Maintenance and repair

Kontinuer has been establishing partnerships with customers to perform Preventive Maintenances to reduce the need for corrections as much as possible and thus avoid unscheduled plant downtime. We offer Periodic Part Maintenance programs to ensure greater equipment efficiency in terms of production, quality, and energy.

After-Sales Service

In partnership with the CALC Automação e Processos Industriais, Kontinuer counts on a team of professionals with extensive experience in equipment manufacture and maintenance. There are more than twenty mechanics and programmers available for prompt service. We maintain a direct and permanently open line with our customers, for diagnostics and to search for solutions.

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