Odor treatment

Kontinuer has developed a set of processes to eliminate odors during co-product processing. These odors have different origins during cooking, drying, pressing, and centrifugation processes. Usually, vapors or hot air mixed to dirty air or air contaminated by substances of organic origin, such as ammonia, nitrogen oxide, sulfur compounds and other organic molecules in suspension. The degree of contamination depends on the type of raw material to be treated. It is possible to condense the vapors, free or mixed with air, and then treat this air. Another solution is to incinerate the vapors, seeking to recover this energy used.

To condense vapors, we can use direct air, with aerocondensers; indirect water in the pipe exchangers; or direct water in the gas scrubbers. Chemical treatments are used to treat the contaminated air. We also have developed biological, dry, or wet treatments, with bacteria that feed on the molecules to be eliminated. These solutions can be used in combination.
In the case of process gas oxidation or incineration, oxidizers are used.

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