The feather is composed of keratin, a protein that is only digestible if previously hydrolyzed with moisture, pressure, and temperature. Size varies between species. With the Continuous Hydrolysis System, steam is injected directly into the feathers, which subsequently go through a drying process. Whereas in the Batch Hydrolysis System, the feathers are pressurized by means of their own moisture or through a direct steam injection. In both cases, it is possible to obtain meal from feather and blood.

Continuous Hydrolysis System

It is a continuous hydrolysis process, where steam is injected directly into the feathers, with moisture, time, pressure, and temperature control. Subsequently, the material is subjected to Air Dryers or indirect steam heating. It is recommended for large productions. It is possible to add a special pressing system and reduce energy consumption.

Batch Hydrolysis System

In this system, feather loads are pressurized in a Batch Digester, using their own moisture or direct steam injection. Next, the material is dried by heated air or indirect steam. In the latter case, it is possible to add clotted blood, thus obtaining mixed feather and blood meal. It is ideal for medium productions.

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