Design reduces odor emission and effluent transport

December, 2019

A poultry co-product processing plant in Colombia is located in a spring area and it was forced to transport the liquid waste by road to a plant located in a distant region, a procedure which increased costs. There was also the need to significantly reduce odor emission.

For the treatment of emission gases, it was not an option to propose the use of evaporators or condensers that would increase the amount of liquid waste. The 30,000 m³/h Regenerative Oxidizer appeared as the most suitable solution for the customer. The incineration of process gases and the plant’s contaminated internal air at a temperature of 800°C solved the situation in both fronts: zero liquid effluent at the plant and the treatment of contaminated gases with a 98% efficiency.

This high calorific efficiency equipment, due to its ceramic construction, allowed process vapors and contaminated gases to oxidize at high temperatures. With this, they can be released into the environment without any odor. Furthermore, there is no longer the need to transport the liquid waste to another region, which significantly reduced operation costs. The solution was positive for the customer and for the community.

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