Hot Air Dryer

The Hot Air Dryer with KHLT Recirculation is a convective heat exchange system for drying various types of products, mainly fish meal. The system consists of two closed and different air recirculation circuits: one is the drying air flow, which comes into direct contact with the product, and the other is a hot air flow, originating from the heat generator. The drying air enters into direct contact with the product by means of a rotating drum calculated by the air flow and by the residence time of the product inside the drum. The drying air is heated by hot air through a multitubular heat exchanger.

Kontinuer Advantages

  • Improved moisture control of the final product;
  • Low retention time;
  • Fully automated equipment;
  • Closed gas circuit.

Equipment flow

Meals, usually fish, and feathers with a high level of moisture.
Hot Air Dryer
Dried meals with preserved proteins.

Technical specifications

Hot Air Dryer - Especificações Técnicas
KLT - 6 6.000
KLT - 8 8.000
KLT - 12 12.000
KLT - 15 15.000
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