Preventive check increases production capacity

May, 2020

Kontinuer’s Post-sales department, in partnership with CALC, maintains the Continuous Digesters installed several years ago, both of its own brand and of other brands. At a poultry slaughterhouse in Goiás, the customer reported that they needed to acquire another piece of equipment in light of a production increase at the slaughterhouse. In another case, a customer from a cattle slaughterhouse in Mato Grosso contacted Kontinuer to install a condensate recovery system.

In the first case, the Continuous Digester was beyond their production capacity. Installation problems were identified at the steam outlet and in the condensate line, as well as other difficulties that limit production capacity. With the help from the customer’s maintenance department, the faults were ascertained and corrected. Production increased by 40%. In the second case, it was ascertained that the Digester’s steam consumption was excessive. The condensate extraction system at the rotary joint was damaged, reducing steam consumption by more than 30% and, therefore, the fuel in the meal plant boiler. In both cases, it was possible to ascertain the importance and benefits of periodic preventive checks at the meal plants in order to ensure the use of correct parameters, monitoring efficiency, and energy consumption.

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