Screw Conveyors

The Kontinuer Screw Conveyors are designed and manufactured to transport any kind of co-product, such as entrails, bones, feathers, coagulated blood, meals, and fats. The use of robust materials in its manufacture makes it more durable when compared to domestic screw conveyors.

Kontinuer Advantages

  • It features a wear plate, thus avoiding channel deterioration;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • Easy maintenance access;
  • Comply with the requirements of the NR-12 standard.

Equipment flow

Various types of products of animal origin, raw or cooked.
Screw Conveyors
Products transported with speed and quality.

Technical specifications

Screw Conveyors - Especificações Técnicas
R Raw material
A Channel for raw material with large dimensions (carcasses and large bones)
M Cooked material and meal
Screw conveyor
SC Screw conveyor
Helical screw diameter
2 Screw with ∅ 250mm
3 Screw with ∅ 300mm
4 Screw with ∅ 400mm
5 Screw with ∅ 500mm
1 to 15m
MS Carbon steel
SS Stainless steel
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