Rotary Drums

The Kontinuer Rotary Drums are designed to filter fat with high solids content, also known as sludge, from the pressing system and percolator. The feeding can be done using a pump or screw conveyors. The sludge is transported by a drum with a perforated basket, which pre-separates fats and solids by a rotational movement. The solid part returns to the pressing system in a closed circuit, whereas the fat is pumped to a deposit. The Rotary Drums features steam valves that clean the basket, thus maintaining the drainage area always unobstructed for better separation.

Kontinuer Advantages

  • Easy sludge return;
  • Low energy consumption;
  • They feature a duct for capturing process gases;
  • They relieve the subsequent separation work in the centrifugal decanter;
  • Comply with the requirements of the NR-12 standard.

Equipment flow

Fat from animal origin with high solids content.
Rotary Drums
Fat from animal origin with low solids content.

Technical specifications

Rotary Drums - Especificações Técnicas
FDR-600 5-7 1,5 0,9 600
FDR-880 7-9 3,0 1,6 880
FDR-1100 11 - 12 3,7 2,7 1100
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