New software ensures more control and efficiency

January, 2020

With the beginning of the CALC-Kontinuer partnership, we noted the need to develop a more current Control Software and a Supervisory Software (IHM), with new screen designs and new support tools for the operator/user.

The idea was to achieve a more cognitive and cleaner design, better organized controls to help in the maintenance, improve efficiency and increase safety. In this modernization and improvement process, we received help from our international supplier of industrial computers, PLC, and from partner customers, who hold extensive experience in automation. The intelligent control system and some equipment, such as presses and digesters, were also improved, which released the operators and improved machine efficiency.

With the new control programs and new monitoring systems, customers have the most modern automation platform, using modern interface tools alongside the production process to ease process controls and predictive and corrective maintenance. All together with the latest control and automation components, from the most renowned suppliers, easing purchases and delivery schedules in cases of maintenance. The software is already in operation in Brazil and Colombia.

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