Innovative project of Continuous Presses in SP and MT

February, 2020

Currently, plants for the treatment of existing bovine co-products on the market present problems related to oil extraction due to the closed design of the presses’ pressure boxes, which require constant cleaning. Because of the compact size of the press, there are heat dissipation difficulties that negatively affect the service life of retainers.

A new Kontinuer project, with a more open pressure box, increases the oil drainage surface by more than a third. It is a new concept with the Reducer, which eases maintenance. Another innovative concept is the Hydraulic Pressing Cone, which preserves hydraulic retainers.

The results were positive and were proven with customers in São Paulo and Mato Grosso. The innovations led to less dependence on manual cleaning by part of the operators (cleaning that today is indispensable for unclogging the press outlet). Oil extraction improved between 0.5% and 1%, with higher productivity per power consumed, and concerns related to the press have decreased. In the first year alone, eleven Kontinuer presses were sold. Two customers purchased a second piece of equipment after the acquisition of the first.

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