Digester increases production without changing installed power

November, 2019

The main challenge of the new Kontinuer Continuous Digesters was to improve the efficiency of existing models in the market, which are based on drawings from the 1990s. The idea was to design and build an equipment that could produce more, without any additional cost for the customer.

To solve the problem, Kontinuer designed the DC-200 Tubular Digester (Equacooker). The exchange surface and steam chamber volume were increased. Furthermore, the purging system was improved, following the technical recommendations from an international partner company. All of this was possible without having to change the installed power.

The project was installed in Goiás and the production capacity was increased from 10% to 15% without changing the installed power. Thanks to the increase in the expansion chamber, we achieved a more stable process. With the change in the purging system, we have reached a more rational way of controlling condensate output, thus avoiding the need to open bypass valves. With the success, in record time, five other Continuous Digesters were sold and two have already been delivered to two of the largest harvesting companies in Chile. Two are undergoing the manufacturing process for a Mercosur company and another will be produced for Brazil’s largest cattle slaughterhouse.

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